Idea to ventilate my motor

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Idea to ventilate my motor

przez JensenBreck » 3 października 2017, o 14:43

Hi there,

i will be able to crank up the power with my new Leaf batteries, i suspect my motor could become the bottleneck in my system and will need to be better ventilated.
At the moment, as seen on picture below, i have only removed the rear cover on my AC-20. You can see the radial blades, which, in my opinion, do a rather poor job at sucking hot air out of the little bastard for máy nén khÃ* fusheng.
I would like to remove this radial fan and replace it by a proper centrifugal fan nicely fitted to the size of my motor (i will try to design and print this one with my new resin 3d printer, using Funtodo industrial blend resin tested at 225C). But of course, even the best designed fan in the world does not help
anymore when waiting at a traffic light. So i was thinking of powering the fan with a small 12 v motor mounted on the side of the motor and with a belt around the fan. I think by using a one-way bearing between the fan and the motor axle, i can have my induction motor spin the fan when driving above a certain speed, and when falling below that speed, the 12 v electric motor would start to spin the fan.
Crazy ? Useless contraption ? Better to run the fan on 12 V all the time ?

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
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